Vir Narula

About Me

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Hello! I am a computer science student at UIUC. I am currently in my 5th year, completeing the combined BS+MS (thesis-based) degree. I will be graduating in May 2024. As an undergraduate, I completed my conentration in systems (formally known as "Machines") and AI (formally "Big Data & Intelligence"). As a graduate student, I am focusing on compilers, architectures, and their intersection with machine learning techniques. I am interested more broadly in compilers, programming languages, developer/performance tools, and machine learning.

Work Experience

I have held three internship roles working with compiler teams at Apple and Nvidia. At Apple I was working on compilers for CPU and Accelerators (LLVM). At Nvidia, I was working on the SPIRV and CGC compilers for graphics applications. More information is in my resume.

Research Experience

I have been involved with the LLVM Research Group at UIUC since 2020, working under Prof. Vikram Adve. I have been largely involved in developing and maintaing a front-end compiler and language specification (Hetero-C++) for a heterogeneous and parallel compiler infrastructure (HPVM). Hetero-C++ is being actively maintained and is largely used by all programmers compiling through HPVM. Prof. Adve was/is my advisor for my undergraduate and masters thesis.